Privacy Policy.

Here’s what you need to know.

I am by no means a lawyer and highly value your personal privacy, which is why I’ll try to keep this policy as short and human-readable as possible.

tldr; this website stores nothing on your device. If you choose to make contact, some of your personal data will reach me, but I’ll only use it to reply to your request and prevent abuse. It tracks some anonymous information that cannot be traced back to you—but you can opt out of that by enabling “do not track” in your browser.


This privacy policy applies to the website reachable under (“website”)—not the application under (“app”), which has its own privacy policy.

Data Collected

In Order to Function

This website is strictly informational in nature. It does not collect any data. No data is logged on the server and in case that should not be the case due to a configuration error, the IP address would be shortened and thus anonymous.

When Establishing Contact

Should you choose to make use of the data provided under “Imprint” to establish contact, the email-address you use to establish that contact and any other personal data you provide in your message will only be used for replying to your message, should you wish for that, and the prevention of any abuse of the provided contact information.

For Analytics Purposes

In order to gauge interest in the project and sources of traffic, this website tracks a “page view” for every page you visit on the website by pinging an instance of the Umami analytics application hosted on the same server as the website itself. This data is completely anonymised and cannot be used to track users across different websites.

This data includes:

  • The country your request originated from

  • The time and date of your visit

  • Your operating system of choice

  • The brand of web browser you use

  • The type of your device

  • Any sites that may have referred you to the website

If you would like to opt-out of this behaviour, please activate the “do not track” setting of your browser, which this website will honour.

Additionally, when downloading a legacy version of the Qami application, the website sends an “event” to the analytics software containing the operating system you downloaded the legacy application for, but no other kind of data.

No personally identifiable information is collected.

Closing Words

Thank you for stopping by and putting your trust into me. If you have any questions regarding your data, please feel free to reach out via e-mail, Twitter, Mastodon, or Telegram.