A Fitness Tracker for Your Creative Writing

Qami screenshot

Just Write.

Qami is about getting words out of your head. Don’t get hung up on which colour your page should be, or exactly how big to make those headings.

Just write with no distractions—and when you need to make that one punchline bold, simply select it and you’ll see all the options you need will be right there.


Reach Goals.

Your phone—even your watch—can count the steps you walk every day and keep you motivated to reach those fitness goals. Why not do the same for your writing?

Set your goal and earn stars whenever you reach it. Qami can even suggest you raise or lower that goal based on your daily writing activity.


Built For Novels.

Word processors can get slow as your project grows longer and longer.

Not Qami. It was built with long documents—such as novels—in mind. Each chapter of a project is its own file, improving performance and minimising the risk of losing your precious writing. Plus, it makes navigating between chapters a breeze.


See Your Activity.

Watch your writing flourish as you turn it into a daily habit. Qami keeps count of how many words you wrote on a given day and how high your writing goal was at that time.

Of course all this data is kept only on your device, but whether you choose to share it, or just want to enjoy it privately, Qami compiles it into beautiful graphs and charts for you.

Already convinced? Try it today!


Make It Pretty.

Books shouldn’t be judged by their cover, but a pretty one can make reading them even more enjoyable.

Qami allows you to set your own covers for your projects, or generates a basic one for you so you can always easily find the right project—even if you have dozens.

Want to make your work even more unique? Projects in Qami can be styled with the same technologies that power the modern web. Choose from the basic built-in themes, or create your own.


Keep Notes.

Have you ever found yourself skimming through lines and lines of text you wrote a forever ago just to find that passage where you described that one minor character’s eye colour?

No more. Qami allows you to keep detailed notes on everything from characters to plot outlines—all of it searchable right while you’re writing.


Cross Platform.

Thanks to modern technologies, Qami will look and work the same whether you’re on Windows, macOS, or Linux—the platform it was originally created for.

Don’t worry, though, keyboard shortcuts will adapt to the platform you’re currently using.


No Strings.

Your writing is yours until you choose to share it.

There’re no online accounts in Qami, no subscription fees, no built-in cloud storage, no tracking, no fine print.

Your projects and all their content are only stored in a folder on your computer’s hard drive.

Still want everything synced to a cloud? Simply upload that folder to a provider you trust. Or be oldschool and put it on a thumb-drive. No judgement there.

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